New Class for the 2021-’22 School Year “Wood” Offer New Experiences for Students

New Class for the 2021-22 School Year Wood Offer New Experiences for Students

Aber Qureshi, Student of Journalism

A new class, Wood Manufacturing 1, will be added to the course offering list next year, according to Associate Principal Tim Kachur.

Traditionally, the technology department offers a unique mix of classes for students to take including robotics, programming and welding.

But over the years, the school has never offered a woodworking class for  students, and its always been a topic discussed.

Fortunately, after years of discussions, the class is finally going to come to life next year for the 2021-’22 school year.  Kachur alongside with teacher Dean Olkowski are the creators in charge of creating the Wood Manufacturing 1 course.

Kachur provides background about this course, and Olkowski will teach next year’s course.

“Wood Manufacturing 1 will be an intro class for woodworking that will be offered for all grade levels and for one semester. The class will also be a dual credit for Fox Valley Technical college and a shared class with Measuring and Layout from Fox Valley Tech,” Olkowski said.

The class was offered to Olkowski by Principal Wunderlich as an upcoming class for next year.  Because of  Olkowski’s enthusiasm and work in the technology department, Olkowski accepted the offer.

Kachur said that wood manufacturing feels like an appropriate class to offer after years at NHS and with the school never having a wood working class; he feels prepared to create this class for students and encourages students to register for it.

“The technology department feels incomplete without woodworking. Considering that there’s classes about robotics, computer tech. and welding.  There’s no reason to not have a construction class to be offered to students, ” Kachur said.

He also clarified that the lack of personnel in earlier years caused the woodworking class to be born.

What students can expect from this class?

It will feature a whole arrangement of new learning targets as well as an emphasis on the tools and knowledge of woodworking.

“The class will primarily focus on following the FVT curriculum and will assign students to do a wide arrange of projects and assignments using the various types of different cutting tools including, table saws, miter saws and hand tools,” Olkowski said.

Wood Manufacturing 1 will be a .5 credit, one semester course that will count toward a practical arts and technology education credits.

While the course has no higher levels currently, both Kachur, Olkowski as well as the technical department have confirmed that Wood Manufacturing 1 will be a prerequisite to Wood Manufacturing 2 and up in 2022-’23 school year.

The teachers also have plans in the future as well to create Youth Apprenticeships as opportunities for students to have early career work.

The final goal for Wood Manufacturing 1 that both Kachur and Olkowski hope is to allow students to have the opportunity to learn woodworking and construction, so they can find their passion and goals for a future career in this brand new class and career.