Staff Editorial: Course Recommendations to Rescue Registering Students


Satellite Staff

The year 2020 will soon come to a close, and for many this means holiday celebrations, time off from school and studying for semester finals. For students of NHS, December also means that course registration lurks around the corner. Trying to line up all the necessary credits and build an impressive transcript can prove a daunting task for students — one that instigates a frenzy of online-course-catalog browsing and emails to guidance counselors.

Never fear, however, for the Satellite Staff has provided a list of course recommendations to the rescue. 

Emlyn Swardenski (Chem-Study) 

I would recommend Chem-Study as your chemistry option at NHS. It is a highly interesting class, which includes exciting demonstrations as well as a great process of explanation that makes complex chemistry concepts seem easy for anyone to learn. Anyone who takes this class is guaranteed to learn something new. 

Abi Wise (INCubator EDU)

INCubator EDU teaches entrepreneurship through the lean method — solving a problem and building a business around it. This class is fit for those looking into the business field or those with an interest in entrepreneurship. INCubator offers a real-world experience: going out and contacting manufacturers, working with mentors and surveying potential customers. 

Lauren Sturgell (Biotechnology)

This semester-long class provides an introduction to forensic science. In studying serial killers and classifying skeletons, you will learn interesting facts and useful lab skills. With a curriculum that combines entertaining labs with a healthy number of CSI episodes, this class is a NHS must.

Kiana Valeri (Composition for Journalistic Publication)

Suppose you are looking for an entertaining, enjoyable class for next year. In that case, I highly recommend taking journalism, where everyone is welcome. Journalism is a class where you can express your opinions and talk about what you like. You’ll learn to write for a wide range of journalistic styles, including investigative, hard news, reviews, columns, editorials, and even humor! I personally loved taking Journalism because it pushed me to become a better writer and helped me find my passion. 

Blake Gruett (Intro to Welding)

Intro to welding is one of my favorite classes I have ever taken. When I signed up for it, I had no interest in welding or any shop class in general. When participating in the course, though, I realized how cool it is, and now I recommend anyone to give it a try.

 Robert Barthell (any foreign language course)

Take a language class — any language, it does not matter which.  It is absolutely one of the best things you can do for yourself, especially when you are still in high school.  The extensive mental benefits of knowing a second language have been proven: you can communicate with more people, improve your success in the business world, and boost your chances of acceptance into more of the universities you apply to.  Also, knowledge of a language commonly increases your score on standardized tests. Neenah students can choose from Chinese, French and Spanish courses of varying levels. 

Ashlyn Jacobs (Creative Writing)

The creative writing course at NHS teaches the foundations of poetry and prose in an accessible, interactive curriculum that assigns the perfect amount of work. Frequent writing projects, including a range of short stories and poems, dominate the class. Hands-on activities prompt students’ imaginations and the many opportunities for collaboration with other writers keep the creative juices flowing. If you were once the kid who once dreamed of writing legendary poems and smashing short stories, this class is a great place to start. 

Elaina Plankey (AP Computer Science Principles)

I recommend AP Computer Science Principles, as despite its Advanced Placement status it is beginner-friendly. The structure of the class is engaging and helps guide learning and understanding of what computers are and how they work. This class builds knowledge off of this foundation in a way that I have found to be immensely helpful. The only requirement for this class is Algebra 1, so for any upcoming sophomores, please consider it!

This concludes the Satellite Staff’s list of courses to check out, but readers are encouraged to add their own suggestions in the comments below. Help out a classmate struggling to choose the right class — share your favorites!

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