Column: An Increasingly-Popular Kitchen Appliance Creates New Opportunities for College Students


Photo by: Payton McClowry

An Air Fryer can fry various different foods, anything from doughnuts to brussel sprouts.

Payton McClowry, Student of Journalism

In less than a year, high school seniors will enter a new phase in their life where many will be responsible for taking on new tasks they may not be used to, like cooking. College students need a quick and easy way to make themselves a nice meal, sometimes within the confines of a cramped apartment or dorm room. That is where an air fryer may come in handy.

The popularity of air fryers has skyrocketed in recent years and the product is projected to meet a market size of about $1425.7 million by 2026 according to So what exactly is an air fryer?

An air fryer is a small oven-like appliance that uses a fan to circulate hot air around its food,  creating a nice and crispy product, according to This creates a healthier alternative to deep-frying foods as it requires little to no oil for every meal. An air fryer can cook anything from french fries to chicken wings, to the same level of crispness with less mess and less hassle than using an actual deep-fryer.

Another major positive is that air fryers can preheat in about one minute, saving valuable time for busy students. This feature was one that drew my family to an air fryer as preheating an oven several times a day can be costly and inefficient. 

A critic from points out that air fryers are generally pretty small ,which may benefit students living to own their own, but not a family that may need more than a few chicken nuggets. New air fryer owner, Tracy McClowry, found a solution for this. “I think the types of air fryers have improved recently, with larger options coming out like the air fryer oven which can fit an entire pizza.”

These air fried doughnut holes did not require any added oil and were delicious!

McClowry is talking about the Air Fry Oven, which can air fry, air roast, bake, or even toast any food you desire. Recently, my family tried air-fried doughnut holes ,which turned out great and did not require any added oil.

Air fryers can even be used to fry vegetables. I tried air-fried brussels sprouts and was pleasantly surprised by the crisp and warm taste the vegetable provided, a taste my tongue has rejected in the past. 

Whether it is french fries or brussel sprouts, air fryers can provide a quick and delicious meal for any person, whenever they need it. They just have to give it a shot.