Salutes and Slams: Week of Jan. 18

salutes and slams 20-21

Satellite Staff


  • Students are excited to return to Green status as second semester brings a fresh start.
  • Opportunities have increased for involvement in and support of Neenah clubs and activities.
  • Pacing of three-hour classes has improved since they began in September.
  • District intention to return to Day 1/Day 2 (traditional schedule) in February encourages students and staff.


  • Poor district communication leaves students and teachers baffled over schedule details as second semester begins.
  • Unsatisfying winter weather brings little snow to compensate for low temperatures and hinders mask-breaks for in-person learners.
  • Students should remember to follow social distancing and mask protocols during the lunch hour.
  • Return to green status kicks off with inconsistent class start times.  Official start for morning classes is 8 a.m. and 12:20 p.m. post lunch.