Humans of NHS – Frank Whiting


Photo by: Caleb Youngwerth

Frank Whiting, class of 2022

Caleb Youngwerth, Student of Journalism

“I largely do things for the fun of it, and then I pay for the consequences later . . . When I was about eight, I took a lesson in tennis and I was like, ‘Hmm, this is something that my mom made me do, neat.’ Now I realized that if I actually went into a sport, something I haven’t done since seventh grade, colleges will love it. Basically, I asked my friends, ‘What should I do as an extracurricular since I won’t be in VEX [robotics] anymore?’ My friend Eric said tennis, and I also just so happened to have another friend, Anna, who also is in tennis, and she’s really good. I decided to do it out of nowhere to make myself look like a better student. It’s a little bit of that do something dumb, pay the consequences later.” – Frank Whiting, class of 2022