Young Writer Seeks to Share Overlooked Stories


Photo by: Adriana Laughrin

Nestled in a small-town coffee shop, Ashlyn Jacobs, high school senior, expresses her desire to tell the small stories her heart gravitates toward.

Adriana Laughrin, Student of Journalism

The history textbooks employ scholars to share key events and people from the past. The newspapers employ journalists to share the news-worthy events and people of today. 

Who determines that someone’s story is worthy of being told?

Nestled in a small-town coffee shop, Ashlyn Jacobs, high school senior, expresses her own desire to find and tell the stories big name news companies tend to neglect: the small stories her heart gravitates toward.

“What better way to show that people matter?” 

The Faithful Pages, Ashlyn’s blog, is the product of a passion for writing built upon a lifetime of storytelling. The page roots itself deep into the faith of its creator; just as Ashlyn roots her life into the Word. 

Jacobs furthers her blog in hopes of being a light to any person willing to listen: a philosophy she testifies to beyond her writing. Even while walking downtown, she patiently guides a group of wandering tourists to the Abraham Lincoln statue sitting on the opposite end of main street. For Ashlyn, her writing is simply another way to serve others for a purpose far greater than any trivial ambitions for subscribers.

Ashlyn brings her audience the priceless message that each person, merely walking about their day, is a living story worth telling. Through her unconditional faith, Ashlyn understands that life is simply too individualistic to grasp and understand through a textbook or the selective breaking news. 

She captures the world around her with a loving, poetic heart capable of using words to reflect the hidden substance behind a person. 

The possibility for someone to find hope in a narrative similar to their own commissions the author to use her talent to testify to the world stories of faith and to make that world a little less lonely.