Advisory Teacher Who Offers the Comforts of Home


Photo by: Allie Galligan

Ms. Stephanie Pommerening views us as her tribe — team Pomm.

Allie Galligan , Student of Journalism

It’s the first day of freshman year. She is standing at the front of the room waiting for everyone to take their seats. She smiles at us with excitement on her face and begins introducing herself to the class. It’s a connection no one expects walking into class that day. This day is when we are becoming more like family. A bond that is different from a regular student/teacher bond.

She views us as her tribe — team Pomm.

“You’re part of my people, and it’s my job to make sure you get out of here in one piece.”

Her level of emotional attachment is unwaivering.

Students come to a comfortable classroom every other day to see her. It’s how she makes us feel.


Comfortable to be who we are in front of her.

It’s how she keeps us on task and makes us want to strive to be better.

Truly, she brings excitement to our day and makes us feel appreciated to have her as not only a teacher, but an adult you know you can talk to about anything.

“You guys have grown up a lot . . . to  see you grow up . . . that is really fulfilling.”

It feels like home.

She brings the light to our day, if we need someone to listen. She makes sure her 22 students are where they need to be whether it be regarding homework, grades, etc.

It’s home.

Since day one she creates a safe environment to learn and to have mutual respect for each other. It’s how she can be sarcastic with us and make everyone laugh with her funny jokes. How she surprises us with fun activities and movies. How she respects us as young adults and guides us day by day, week by week, and month by month.