Choir Teacher Adds Sparkle to NHS


Photo by: Ava Krema

Miss Westcott at her piano in the choir room.

Ava Krema, Student of Journalism

While every other teacher heads home for a relaxing Thursday night,  Amy Westcott’s night is getting started and not ending anytime soon. 

After quickly preparing for her classes the next day she gets ready to direct the madrigal singers. After that, it’s off to directing the show choir. 

While she directs over 300 students a day and has been here for 22 years, few people know just how much of an impact she’s had not only on the students but the entire community of NHS. 

Music has always been a huge part of her life. Whether it was singing around the house or getting her first solo, Amy Westcott and music went hand in hand. She joins her high school’s show choir when she became a sophomore and from then on her love of music and show choir only grew. 

While in school she directs multiple students, outside of school she lives a much quieter life.  Music for her “ is a way to communicate.” Music helps her express herself better than words ever could. 

For her, show choir reveals a whole new side of music and a whole new way to express herself as well. Being a part of her high school’s show choir taught her patience and teamwork, which she brings into her job every single day. 

When she directs Vintage she tries to teach the students that hard work is what brings success not shortcuts. She also teaches the students that in show choir everyone is equally important, every single person whether in the front or back is a vital role in the group. Through show choir, she continues to teach the members to work hard and strive for excellence. The most important thing she taught to these members however is that success will never be out of their reach as long as their willing to strive for greatness.