NHS Athlete Ready for the Next Level


Photo by: Unknown

Ziebel shooting a layup against Appleton West at NHS.

Allie Galligan and Anna Jamroz

Receiving scholarships from over a dozen division one schools, sophomore Allie Ziebell finds success on the basketball court. Her desire for reaching goals and dedication to the sport makes her stand out from the rest. This sport was designed for Ziebell. 

Ziebell’s persistent want and need to be better proves her dedication as a player. Through hard times, Ziebell is able to stay motivated, “Just the reminder that I have a lot of things to accomplish and that I know other people are working hard to do it too.” Ziebell puts her priorities into perspective and pushes hard to complete them knowing she must outwork her competition. Her constant desire for success grabs the attention of many, including her coaches. Craig Begalle, Ziebell’s former varsity coach, praises h drive stating, “It’s very rewarding to coach her because she puts in a ton of work and it’s awesome to see the results.” Ziebell, not only respected by teammates but also by coaches, proves her positive impact on the team, which is the first of many stepping stones to success. 

Besides Ziebell’s consistency on the high school basketball team, she also sees triumph on a club team. ESPN awards Ziebell’s strengths on the court through its national rankings, placing her at 13 in the country for her age group. Ziebell feels a sense of pressure weighing on her shoulders because of this ranking. She, however, finds more importance in not becoming wrapped up in a number — a number does not define Ziebell. This accomplishment is far from ordinary, Ziebell finds it exciting and fulfilling. 

The future, although far away, seems more in reach than ever for Ziebell. College poses a fresh start for the basketball star. One of the many goals Ziebell sets for herself is playing college basketball. Receiving over a dozen scholarships from division one schools, Ziebell finds herself more grateful than ever. Her hard work paid off, but she still sees room for growth. Ziebell continuously pushes herself harder each day, each practice, each game. Ziebell’s drive is improvement. She knows that if she doesn’t put in the work, there won’t be success. This driving force makes her such an astonishing athlete. 

Many may become boastful and brag about their athletic success when placed in the shoes of Ziebell. But Ziebell is far from that, actually the polar opposite. She emits humility and shows to be a well-rounded person, a pleasure to meet. Her success on the court astonishes many, but her character excels. Humbled by her success, Ziebell appreciates the constant love and support from her friends and family.

As a basketball player, she never just goes through the motions each practice and each game. Because she lives the sport, she craves success and she does so with strong determination. Ziebell may be ranked 13 in the entire country, but soon her fans will see her at number one.