Staff Editorial: Student Journalists Express Gratitude As Thanksgiving Approaches


Satellite Staff

As Thanksgiving approaches, gratitude takes a central focus in the United States. After the challenges that much of 2020 – ’21 brought, gratitude plays an even more important role than ever before. We, the Satellite staff, would like to express our gratitude for the many opportunities that allow us to hone our craft of journalism and connect to our audience.

First of all, without our First Amendment freedoms, we would not have the ability to publish our content. The Satellite staff is immensely grateful for these rights. We hold these rights close to our hearts, careful to respect them by using journalistic ethics to report and impart news.

In addition, we would like to thank our readers for continued support and engagement. Seeing advisory classes read and comment on our stories brings our staff joy. The student body, along with active readers on staff such as Ms. Binsfeld will always be on our gratitude list.

Of course, our readers would have no content to dig into without the events we report on. Gratitude fills us when we think of newsworthy content, especially after the recent lack of it. Isolation ruled the year of 2020, moving the Satellite’s collaborative meetings online, just like everything else. The quarantine created a drought of content for us, as no clubs, sports, or activities were allowed to continue. Loneliness replaced school spirit. Now, as we return to the most normal year Neenah has seen since, morale rises again. As a staff, we have been delighted to cover fall sports, homecoming, Phase 1, the blood drive, and everything in between. And we are so excited to continue to report throughout the year, observing our NHS spirit soar to new heights. 

Furthermore, without access to technology, we would be unable to report for our audience. Computers and the internet have kept us informed, educated and entertained during unreliable times. Tech tools have allowed us to create news and make it accessible to readers sustainably via our website while also experimenting with new media forms. 

Finally, as a Satellite staff, we value the leadership of our adviser, Mrs. Beth Plankey, and Principal Brian Wunderlich. Their encouragement, guidance, and genuine support for the work of student journalists makes the Satellite possible. We admire their commitment to fostering school culture and unifying the student body. Without the leadership of Mrs. Plankey and Mr. Wunderlich, the Satellite would lack two invaluable role models and mentors.

Ultimately, we deeply appreciate everything that contributes to our publication, from fellow staff members and leaders to technology and readers. The Satellite staff relishes the opportunity to participate in such a valuable activity, for a student newspaper brings richness and value to the community. “It gives the students a voice,” Ellie Popp, NHS senior said in a recent online discussion. 

The Satellite staff wishes our audience a happy Thanksgiving and encourages readers to express gratitude in the comments.