Kaden Kilinkenberg’s Tear-Jerking Phase 1 Performance

George Eastman-Kiesow and Bruce Argall

Opening the recent Phase 1 event with a tear-jerking performance of the National Anthem, third-grader Kaden Klinkenberg showed his love of singing for all spectators.

Klinkenberg lives with Down Syndrome, a condition that his cousin Brady Frost, an NHS Alumni, helps him with by using music as a communication method, according to the duo’s cousin and father Richard Frost. The National Anthem in particular is a song that holds a special place in his heart. Whenever the U.S. Flag is visible, Klinkenberg puts his hand over his heart and begins to sing. 

Despite of the number of onlookers, Klinkenberg remained unphased and sang as if he were alone. Whenever he sings the anthem, he first checks to make sure that everyone has their hand over their heart before he begins. Klinkenberg’s lack of nervousness may be in part thanks to his practice regime; Proving his love of the song, he spent hours each day alone in his room singing the National Anthem.

Klinkenberg sang with Vicki Czap, a junior and SALT member at NHS. Phase 1 was their first performance together.