Review: O&H Danish Bakery


Photo by: O&H Danish Bakery

Pecan and Raspberry Kringle pair

Allie Galligan , Student of Journalism

People tend to focus their attention on either cookies or cakes during the holiday, but there is another pastry item on the market that is growing by the minute, O&H Kringle.  O&H Danish Bakery is a bakery in Racine that sells many pastry items and homemade coffee. The pastry that people all over Wisconsin travel there for is their O&H Kringle. Customers also can educate themeselves via the official website.  The Olsen family who owns O&H Danish Bakery has been baking their kringles since 1949. 

Anthony Galligan, a customer, who has grown up consuming delicious treats from O&H Danish Bakery as he lived in Racine for part of his life, expressed what his favorite flavor is by stating: ¨Pecan.  It can´t get any better than that. I’ve tried them all, and it’s been my favorite since I can remember.¨

O&H Danish Bakery’s Kringle has been around for many years and is still thriving to this day. They have over 16 flavors of kringles in their bakery as well as seasonal items. Some of their popular buys are the pairs, which are basically buying two kringles for the price of one. People drool over the pecan and raspberry even more so since they can buy it as a pair. 

Eric Olsen, the owner of O&H Danish Bakery, said, ¨I was fortunate enough to be partners with my two brothers for years. Then transitioning to my own family taking on the fourth generation and the legacy of O&H Danish Bakery, now both my son and son-in-law are very involved in the business.¨ Just reading about this goes to show how close the family really is in order to successfully operate a family business together and how they strive constantly to make their customers happy. 

¨They are very successful, and they have managed to run seven different stores. They are friendly and are always in stock with their items,¨ born and raised customer, Marcia Galligan.

Seventy years ago when Eric Olsen and his family made the first kringle they also made their own icing, which has been the same homemade recipe since the beginning. Olsen said, ¨The way we make kringles today is the same way it was made 20, 30, 40 years ago, even 70 years ago. It is a three-day process to roll the layers of butter into the dough to achieve a pastry that is light and tender and flaky.¨

Some of the seasonal favorites they have right now for the holidays are: A Very Danish Christmas Kringle, Status Secret Christmas Kringle, Cranberry Kringle, Christmas Fudge Kringle, and Nordic Noel Kringle. They have also made gluten-free and a selection for dietary needs kringle as well. 

Since their growth, they have thrived over the years and partnered with Trader Joe to sell one flavor at a time. ¨Several years ago, Trader Joe’s started selling kringles in their stores. They were astounded by the popularity. They sell kringles just one flavor at a time. This time of year they have the cream cheesecake kringle in stores. Their customer favorite is almond,¨  journalist Kristine M. Kierzek from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel confirmed.

After reviewing the O&H Danish Bakery, it is clear that they are without doubt a spot to go to in the future. It is a family-friendly bakery and has been a  family-owned buisness since 1949. Although they only have seven locations, customers still can order them online anywhere in the United States. This bakery has proven to be a successful and thriving bakery in Racine, Wisconsin.