Video: Rocket News – Week of 2022-01-18


Robert Barthell, Videographer

Items covered in this week’s video:

The Outage

All Neenah Schools suffered from a near-total electronic outage which broke out early morning on Monday the 10th and was repaired incrementally as the week went on. Throughout most of this time, staff and students had no access to digital files, district communication services, and thus school was cancelled for two days.


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Around-the-board wins for Neenah, lopsided victories in Swimming and Wrestling, Boys’ Basketball narrowly edges out victories as well. Girls’ Basketball is back following their recent illnesses.


Precise school figures are yet inaccesible due to the technology outage; students should recall that masks are required until at least the 31st, and that the continued rise in cases has also brought along the cancellation of some school events.


The beginning of the week will see highs near freezing, dropping into the single digits and then back up into the teens by the end of the week. No major precipitation is expected.