Video: Rocket News – Week of February 15, 2022


Robert Barthell, Lead Videographer

Stringfest Recap

Last Monday saw the hosting of a bi-annual concert which brings together every string player in the Neenah School District, beginning from elementary Suzuki all the way to the High School Group. I played in it, here’s what I saw.

Blood Drive Recap

National Honor Society ran a second blood drive last Wednesday. 83 donors gave blood, enough to save twice as many lives as that. I talked to an organizer as well as a participant. Choir Concerts All four school concert groups will be singing tonight in Pickard at 7:30. Admission is free and audiences should expect a variety of music.

Winter Sports

Senior nights for both Hockey and Boys Basketball led to wins in both sports. Everything is now inching closer to regional/state-level competitions. Wrestling is headed to sectionals and Swimming is headed to state following their 1st prize at their sectionals, for the first time since 2016. I talked to a couple swimmers about this.

Spring Sports

Between now and the time paperwork is due, Rocket News will be talking about the various spring sports to show the viewer what they’re all like. This week I interviewed two LaCrosse players, who told me about the game.

Trivia Night

ECO Club is hosting another one of its famed Trivia Nights tomorrow at 5 PM in the Library. An $8 admission fee covers a night of fun plus pizza. COVID-19 update Masks are now optional at all NJSD facilities, according to a recent email from district administration. Additionally, the quarantine protocols have been revised.

Upcoming election

Today is the mayoral primary election in the city of Neenah. Three candidates are in the race to replace the retiring mayor Dean Kaufert. Neenah offers same-day registration for voters, please bring a photo ID to vote and check where to vote at