Video: Rocket News – Week of February 22, 2022


Robert Barthell, Lead Videographer

CORRECTION- Hadley Hackinson, who appears during the girls’ track segment, is a senior, not a sophomore.

Items covered in this week’s video:

Primary Election

Borchardt and Lang advance to the mayoral elections in April, along with 6/8 of last ballot’s school board candidates. Lang won a higher percentage of the popular vote, but the difference is still enough to put the race in play following Behrmann’s elimination.


Latino Club will be hosting a Spanish circle in room 310 during AACP today. Attendees can converse with various native Spanish speakers (all students at NHS) and learn more about Latin American culture and life.

Screenwriting Exposition

Seniors Max Stern and Natalie Frank have spent a semester of their own time writing movie scripts for projects of theirs, and now they will be presenting them to the student body after school on Wednesday in room 128 starring Drama Club students. Cookies and treats are provided for all viewers.

Sports Update

Hockey won their last regional competition 4-0, with the first of their sectional games being tonight at home. Boys Basketball have been marked as conference champions, but still have one more game this week. Girls start going to regionals this weekend. Swimming got 17th place in the state championships, their season is now over. Also, the Boys and Girls’ track teams give info on their upcoming practices.

Competitive Non-Sports

Congressional Debate attended Harvard’s tournament, many of the people composing the Congress Team were also part of the winning team in last week’s Trivia Night – Forensicko Mode. Vintage Show Choir got 3rd place in their recent competition in Waconia.

Orchestra Fish

The Orchestra room has a new pet fish, but they don’t know what to name it. A form has been created for students to vote on what name they like the best.