Video: Rocket News – Week of February 28, 2022


Robert Barthell, Lead Videographer

Student Government

The long-awaited selection of Class Senators has finally been finalized. The 13 selections are revealed inside of this video. Any students interested in participating in this organization can also join the House of Representatives, which asks for 2 members for every club at school.

ACT Prep

Math teachers Mr. Tassone and Mrs. Peterson-Longmore will be hosting math prep sessions for the ACT which comes next week.

Sports Update

Girls’ Basketball made it through their regionals, while boys are just starting to. Wrestling brought home a 2nd place win at the state championship. Also, a preview of Softball, paperwork due next week.

Competitive Non-Sports Update

Neenah students won medals at State DECA, and now move onto the national tournament. Cheerleading won 3rd place at their state championships.

Launch Meeting

Anyone interested in being a part of Launch next year (including current members) has to attend a mandatory meeting on the 2nd of March in Pickard during AACP.