Video: Rocket News – Week of 2022-09-01


Robert Barthell, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Welcome back to the 2022-2023 year! This is the last year that 1275 Tullar Road will serve as the Neenah High School Campus. The introduction to this video features a historical run-down of all the buildings and locations that have served as the High School in the past. Furthermore, all sports results from the past week (as well as upcoming matches) are presented, including interviews with athletes and spectators. Lastly, we hear from associate principals Mr. Popp and Mr. O’Neill about building construction updates as well as what students need to know.


Rockets I’m your News host and on behalf
of the NHS Administration I’d like to
welcome you back to 2022-23 the last
year that Neenah High School will be at
the 1275 Tullar campus we’ve got a lot
to unpack with this episode so let’s get
started with this week’s sports update
all right so basically our job is to get
the crowd like into the game we got to
get some cheering guys all right we’re
seeing a lot that the Freshman group
mainly yeah you guys gotta get louder
right especially especially like on
third Downs even when you see the three
on the sticks third Downs just start
yelling stomping just make noise on
defense on defense we want to be quiet
for offense we’re also there to um have
a good time at the football games yes
not make anybody sad excited for the
football games and all sports all sports
we just need to be loud for our for our
players right once you’re loud it’s a
lot more fun trust me y’all you’re
involved it’s a lot more fun yep he’s
got to get out there you got to get out
there be outgoing Let’s Get Loud come on
get engaged here we go yeah this is my
first football game of the year actually
it’s the first one at home yeah good
yeah no this is really fun we’re
doing good yeah it’s doing really good
yeah yeah
all right I’m going to interview with
Menasha people so I have been told by
the members of The Rocket rowdies that
they’re not nice people I mean it’s a
it’s a normal thing for journalists to
risk their lives or whatever but I’m
gonna go and talk to people and see how
what they think of this game I’m proud
of our game we could be doing better but
I’m so proud
we win
our games are going well we won our
match today
yeah we won 6-3 6-3 against Kimberly
I think everybody’s winning right now
which is awesome
uh did you play a singles or doubles we
played doubles
together yeah we’re number one
thank you
we have our Neenah invite this Friday
um it’s gonna be in the backside of
Memorial Park just right behind the high
um I’d like to see a lot of people come
out this week we I mean girls varsity
race starts at six o’clock and then the
boys varsity race starts at 6 30. that’s
when prime time starts
um I’m glad to see some support uh let’s
beat Steven’s Point this year
before we get carried away with all of
these crazy numbers we need to remember
that we’re inside a building that is
still undergoing a heck ton of
construction most students class spaces
will be generally unaffected but there
are still quite a few things students
need to know as well as some changes
that may surprise our returning students
the biggest updates that have taken
place in the building over the summer
took place up in the Conant end of the
the high school so what used to be Mrs
dorschner’s room Mr Frost’s room those
were two really large classrooms and
those have actually been cut down to
four pretty traditional size classrooms
if you keep going further down that
hallway you know down east where our old
family consumer Ed kitchen was you’ll
notice a bunch of bunch of changes there
as well so uh Miss Santiago’s old
was split into two as well so there’s
two classrooms there where there used to
be one and the old family consumer
kitchen was split into two classrooms
and there’s actually a Commons area that
will be outside of those classrooms as
well upstairs Conant what used to be a
number of science labs kind of the same
thing happened so we cut a couple of
those classrooms in half in the
cafeteria the big change that you’ll
there’s a wall now in the middle of the
cafeteria which would allow us to split
that room directly in half and there’s
also going to be serveries on the east
side of the cafeteria so we’re really
hoping that allows us to get students
through the lunch lines more efficiently
there was uh there was and is
construction going on in our Tech head
Wing we’re hoping that that’s done about
two weeks into the school year so as you
look at your schedule
uh some science classrooms may be
affected by that but if you have any of
our culinary courses uh you’re you’re
going to be in a temporary classroom for
the first two maybe three weeks but that
will all be noted in ic and your correct
classroom that you’ll start the year in
should be listed on your schedule
parking this year will be a challenge to
students we’re asking the students if
they could please have some patience
with us the reason it’s going to be a
challenge or our s there’s still
construction going on at Neenah High
School construction takes a lot of
equipment a lot of materials and
unfortunately both those things will be
in various parking lots throughout the
um so please please if you do not have a
parking space you can always Park along
I always suggest Appleblossom which is
by the baseball field and then there’s
several spaces along color Road as well
we’ve closed campus for freshmen and
sophomores we have three lunch periods
now so hopefully there will be less
students in there
um we’re not going to have students
eating outside of the cafeteria so
because we’re able to go to three
lunches all students that stay on campus
will be eating inside of the cafeteria
this week’s weather will see plenty of
sunshine with highs in the upper 70s for
those of you who are new these episodes
usually come out once a week at the
beginning of the week if you no other
have anything newsworthy happening
around school then feel free to send it
in also if you ever want to contribute
to this news program don’t be shy and
let me know that’s all for this week
Rockets be amazing


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