Humans of NHS — Emerson Bluemke


Photo by: Anna Foucault

Emerson Bluemke, class of 2023

Anna Foucault, Student of Journalism

“From freshman year, I have wanted to be in the medical field. I decided to take both health careers classes and apply to health careers academy. Last year, I got to take the CNA class, which introduced me to patient contact and similar careers.  This class helped me confirm my future major. Neenah has offered me a lot of opportunities to grow and learn as a student, especially in a future healthcare field. Neenah has a wide spread of science courses, which also peaked my interest through the years. These classes made me more interested in the science aspect of medicine. I have also had a bunch of great teachers that helped me grow into the student I am today.” –Emerson Bluemke, class of 2023