Annual Club Fair Unites Students with Extracurricular Activities

Robert Barthell, Assistant Editor-in-Chief


Once a year, every extracurricular that runs at NHS gets one chance to present itself face-to-face with the student body. In an event organized by Neenah’s branch of the National Honor Society, the Ron Einerson Fieldhouse filled itself with booths from over 30 clubs, each assigned two representatives to face a pool of several hundred prospective members.

Comments from club hosts reflected a successful morning. For example: “We’ve had a ton of people sign up. The response has been really awesome. We’re very excited to see what the year holds,”  senior Emma Cartwright said.  The Drama Club booth featured a large hand hoisted above the booth with a finger pointing down on it. The Drama stand also included speakers playing loud music, which could be heard throughout the fieldhouse, adding to the liveliness of the event.

Reception among attendees was generally positive, with remarks about the wide variety of clubs available to join. “I think it’s pretty cool. I like seeing all the different clubs because there’s a lot of different things I’ve never even heard about, so it’s just interesting to see what they’re doing,” mentioned sophomore Melody Birney as she walked past the Satellite‘s booth.

Seeing this event as one of their only chances to stay afloat, certain clubs utilized various methods to entice new members, be it fancy props or colored table coverings.

One popular tactic seemed to be food. “I appreciate the fact that the clubs in this whole gathering brought in candy. I think it really elevates the mood in the room and brings people toward [them]. I got a lot of candy,” junior Ian Erickson said.

A complete list of clubs, updated in 2021, exists for students and families who were unable to attend the fair.