Camp Onaway: A Home Away from Home


Photo by: Unknown

Katie Poquette at Onaway Island leading a team.

Anna Foucault, Student of Journalism

Camp Onaway has been a part of this girl’s life since she was 10 years old. Katie Poquette describes Camp Onaway as a place for everyone — a home.

A place that will be there for her whenever she needs a place to relax and be herself.

Onaway features a week-long summer camp on an island in Waupaca. The Brigade runs the summer camp and boys and girls of many ages attend various camp weeks. The Brigade builds character and turns kids into leaders, which is the basis of Camp Onaway.

Wanting a place to go, Katie doesn’t have to worry about the outside world.

She discovers a place that she can go for a week without worrying about what’s going on around her, which brings her to Camp Onaway.

A home as everlasting as friendships.

Everything imaginable is waiting for Katie when she steps foot on Onaway Island for the first time: “An escape from reality.” 

Camp Onaway: a home away from home.

 This new escape offers a perfect place to meet new people with a multitude of backgrounds.  She makes friends.  

“You will be accepted for who you are.”

Being accepted into a community of leaders and friends proves to be a big turning point in Katie’s camp experience.

Camp Onaway a place where she feels safe and appreciated by those around her. 

Camp Onaway offers the leaders opportunities to give chapel talks. Katie sticks with a friend — together they empower campers. Camp teachs Katie lessons that she uses every day, creating amazing memories.

Camp Onaway delivers unforgettable memories, which bring Katie comfort. 

Everyone deserves a special place to relax and be themselves.  Most call that place home.