Rowdies Operate Beyond the Bleachers


Photo by: Sierra Luepke

The Rocket Rowdies in front of the student section at the Oshkosh West football stadium.

Sierra Luepke, Student of Journalism

Lining the front row of the bleachers, the Rocket Rowdies prepare for the exciting game ahead. The bleachers sing with support as the student section jumps up and down as the Rockets score the first points of the game. The rowdies start to chant “D-FENCE!” STOMP, STOMP! Their spirit sparks the screaming support of the student section.

Besides starting chants and picking themes for games, what does the role of a Rocket Rowdy all entail? Allison Raber, class of 2023 is in charge of the social media aspects of being a Rocket Rowdy along with attending the games and encouraging school spirit. 

Something that many people may not know is the commitment and time that is put into being a Rocket Rowdy. On average, the Rowdies spend 1.5-2 hours per week meeting and working to plan events and themes.

“We are always looking for new chants and ideas we can use.”

Specific to Allison’s role as a Rocket Rowdy, she spends more time making sure to be on time when posting on their Instagram page and always posting the correct themes for each event. 

In addition to being the Social Media Manager, Allison expresses the importance to have an open mind and be willing to do whatever, whenever. Being a Rocket Rowdy member requires collaboration and being open to every idea.

This plays into one of the biggest struggles of being a Rocket Rowdy – criticism. As a school of 2,000 people, students and fans must remember that pleasing everyone is simply unrealistic. Yes, the Rocket Rowdies job is to try and make everyone have a good time, but the importance of supporting fellow students and athletes is the main goal. 

Rowdies are known for their job of showing up to events, but beyond the bleachers entails much more.