Student Seeks Change; He Discovers the World of BodyBuilding


Photo by: Zachary Kramp

Right after school, senior Matt Rowe goes straight to the gym. The gym is where he starts his journey into the world of bodybuilding.

Zachary Kramp , Student of Journalism

Right after school, Matt Rowe goes straight to the gym. The gym is where he starts his journey into the world of bodybuilding. 

Ten months ago, Matt decided he is not satisfied with how he looks and recognizes it is time to make a change. He researches what he iss going into before he starts. Matt figures out everything, including a diet with more healthy food recipes and a calorie deficit. 

A few months later, he perfects the diet, work out regimen and the mindset that makes everything work; he loses 40 pounds in a matter of a few months. He did this all with hard work, dedication and a dream he gains through focusing on bodybuilding. 

Matt feels better than ever and experiences a sense of satisfication with the way he looks and feels.  This, howerver, does not pause Matt’s passion to better himself. He knows that if he becomes too satisfied with how he looks, then he won’t want to put the work in to get better. Matt decides that losing weight isn’t enough; his focus pivots to building bigger muscles. 

Matt pounds the gym six days a week using a hypertrophy training program with a push, pull and leg split. This motivates him, along with his complete dedication to his newfound passion, to push to lengths beyond his workout dreams.  

“I am so happy that I got into weight training; it is the best part of my day — to train.”

Matt relishes in his new passion that sharpens him mentally and physically.  He knows that his journey in bodybuilding fuels his desire to change.

It is amazing what people with dedication to their passion can do to reach their goals.  Matt continues to make improvements to reach his full potential.