Foreign Exchange Student Takes on Challenges of New Country


Photo by: Mrs. Christie

Filip Eyer gets his picture taken for Homecoming

Anna Foucault and Josh Armstrong

In search of adventure and travel, a student named Filip Eyer decides to join the Czech Republic’s foreign exchange program for a chance to pursue his dreams and be accepted into an American high school.

Eyer was accepted into NHS and was extremely excited to be able to come to the United States. One of the first things that Eyer noted was the large size of the school, “It’s very big and there’s a lot of people, but once you get used to it it’s really not that bad.” 

With every school day at NHS it became easier and easier for him to navigate. Eyer’s home school in the Czech Republic is only half the size of Neenah’s.

Eyer spends his time in Neenah by hanging out with his host family the Christies and going to events like Homecoming. He credits the Christies with getting him dressed up for the special occasion. Eyer wears a suit and a red bow tie on the evening of the event.

Although Eyer is enjoying his time in Neenah, he is also missing his friends back home. 

“I miss hanging out with my friends, especially my best friend Lucas. We used to do everything together back home.”

Eyer is from the Czech Republic. According to Nations Online, a project made to improve cross-cultural understanding and global awareness,  it is also referred to as Czechia. The Czech Republic is surrounded by Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia making it a landlocked country. Online encyclopedia Britannica, which has been telling stories and discoveries for over 250 years, says that visitors find Prague, a historically famous city with castles and mansions.

Looking into the future, Eyer is excited for what is to come.

He explains: “I want to go to college for business. I also would like to study abroad for at least one semester.”

Ultimately, Eyer is ready to continue with his studies and tackle whatever challenges life may throw at him.