Phase One Game: Students Secure Victory with Photo Gallery as Proof

Robert Barthell, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

The ninth annual Phase One game ended in another student team victory on Thursday (Nov. 10).  In a boost of morale for the teachers, the teams found themselves tied at the end of the second half, only for a 2-point shot from the student team to bring them to a 42-40 triumph.

A vibrant student section surrounded the game, cheering at every move the students made.  Most audience members donned white-colored t-Shirts with the game logo on them, which SALT volunteers sold in the days leading up to the event.  Enthusiasm did not extend to the other team, with these same audience members booing and hollering at staff members as they scored points. 

With regards to the students’ performance, junior Will St Clair recalls:  “They did a good job of getting the shots up, and that’s where the key to winning was.  We had some great rebounders out there; the offensive rebounding was stellar, to use the word. We really incorporated that well into the game plan.”

On the opposing side, teachers created their own reasoning for their narrow loss by the end of the game.  Alternative education teacher Mr. Brian Borchardt proclaimed that the staff team did not have any practices this year, which he thinks hurt the team.  He, however, did express optimism for the future of the team.

“We had an overtime, that’s the closest we’ve ever gotten,” Borchardt said.