One Act Play Returns to State for the Second Year in a Row


Maddie Van Zeeland, Student of Journalism

The One Act Play, Back Cover, prepares for state at UW-Whitewater on Nov. 17-19 director Ms. Kaitie Bergmann said.

The One Act has previously competed at both districts and sectionals, receiving nearly perfect scores at their recent performance at sectionals. The One Act competitions are an opportunity for students around the state to put together a 4o-minute production, and receive feedback from theater professionals. Students will also have the opportunity to attend workshops hosted by theater professionals. According to the official Wisconsin Interscholastic Speech and Dramatic Arts Institution, One Act state has been held since 1930, making this the 92 year.

Bergmann chose Back Cover because as an English teacher, she cares greatly about the writing of a show. “There are so many options out there, so if the story sticks with me it is something I am more willing to produce,” Bergmann said.

The playwright, Emily Hageman, also wrote last year’s One Act Play, Brian the Comet, which went to state and received many awards, as documented on the Satellite.

Back Cover is roughly 40 minutes in length, and follows the journey of a girl named Madison when she moves to New York following her parent’s divorce. In her new apartment, she discovers a shoebox full of letters illuminating the life of a girl named Jessica. The older version of Madison narrates the show, while the two girls’ stories are laid out, showing past and present connections. The show holds an unexpected twist at the end, and if students wish to see the show, there is a student performance on Wednesday during STAR time. Students simply have to sign up for Ms. Bergmann on Edficiency.

Overall, the cast and crew anticipates the state competition. Student director Sylvia Dums has enjoyed working with others to help them grow in their acting. Dums hopes to win an acting and an ensemble award.

“The climax of the show is very ensemble based and the cast has worked hard to make sure that the entire scene flows,” Dums said.

Cast member, Erin Heyes, plays Jessica. As she gets ready for state, she is looking forward to competing, giving it her all and attending different acting workshops. “We have put so much work into this and I’m just so excited overall,” Heyes said.

Further information on the state competition can be found on the Wisconsin Interscholastic Speech and Dramatics Arts Association website.


Update: Back Cover had a successful performance, and won all five of the five possible awards. Sylvia Dums(student director) and Ms. Bergmann (director), won outstanding director awards. Sienna LaTonzea(Madison Now), Erin Heyes(Jessica), Becca Konkle(Katie), Marcus Gallatin(Matt) and Jon Rieger(Father) received individual outstanding acting awards.