Counselors Provide Scholarship Workshop Opportunities for Students


Anna Foucault, Student of Journalism

The counseling department plans to hold scholarship workshop opportunities in the library during Champion and STAR time on a series of upcoming dates with the goal to help students apply for scholarships.

“Last year we had about 100 students receive scholarships, and we are anticipating similar numbers this year,” guidance counselor Timothy Wypiszynski said.

The series of scholarship workshops provides a workspace for students to fabricate essays and apply for a multitude of scholarships. During the workshops, resources like the Fox River Scholarship Center will be available for use along with two to three counselors to guide the students in the scholarship process. Local scholarship expert, Cheryl Fowler, who works for CESA 6 and organizes and updates the Fox River Scholarship site will be in attendance at the workshops to provide even more help for students.

According to Wypiszynski, few students take the time to write essays for some of these scholarships; thus less apply for essay-required scholarships. When potential scholars take the time to write the essay, the better chance students have at getting that scholarship.

Students can view the different scholarships on the Fox River Scholarship Center website. The website provides a small survey search for different categories, so the scholarships are the best fit for the student applying. Winning a scholarship feels like winning the lottery, but in reality, a scholarship win necessitates hard work and perseverance.

The counseling office has provided many dates for students to receive guidance and help with scholarships from 8 a.m. to 9:35 a.m. in the library. These dates are Dec. 19, Jan. 18, Feb. 6, Feb. 14, March 1 and March 10. The counselors provided another date and will also be available in the library on Dec. 1, during STAR time to help with scholarships. All scholarships are due March 15 (view graphic for more details), unless otherwise stated on the scholarship itself.

Students should sign up on Edficiency under Wypiszynski prior to the workshop date. All Edficiency requests are due at midnight the day before the session. If students plan on attending the workshop during the first part of Champion and STAR, it is advised that they should let their teacher know ahead of time so they can be marked on that day.

The workshops were designed to help students earn money to help advance their education. Students could receive large amounts of money including a $20,000 scholarship provided by Kimberly-Clark.

“We’re here to help and answer questions. Each year there is a lot of money that is left and available to students, we want to get kids as much money as possible for college,” Wypiszynski said.