Electives Sales Pitch: Students Learn about Course Options

Emerson Bluemke, Student of Journalism

Upperclassmen will assist teachers in promoting their elective courses available at NHS, during Champion time on Dec. 5. 

Freshmen and sophomores can expect to hear from teachers and students to recommend courses. This initiative is in response to a dip in electives offered. Recently electives have been down because of a lack of registration. The goal is to better inform students of electives from the narratives of previous students. 

In December, students start to plan out their courses for the following year. This is why it is important to spread knowledge of elective options — to allow students to take classes that they will enjoy. The reality is that if the numbers do not warrant a section; then the course is not offered. 

“I tried for 3 years to get into the philosophy class and stopped trying my last year which was sad because that was the year it finally ran,” senior Elaina Plankey said. 

“If you aren’t taking classes in certain areas like art or welding, you may not know what all they offer. So we wanted a chance for freshman and sophomores to hear from our teachers and some students about some of the opportunities,” Associate Principal Lindsey Lewis said.

Freshmen and sophomores can expect to meet in the Pickard auditorium to watch a teacher from each department go through a slideshow about the different pathways offered in that department. After Pickard students can transition to the cafeteria where upperclassmen will be located to showcase projects and answer questions. 

In addition to electives, NHS offers a wide range of academies that focus on a cluster of courses. For example, Health Careers Academy offers various health science electives. Manufacturing and Engineering Academy that coincide with science and technology electives. Academies are important to students because they provide a community of electives and peers interested in similar things. 

“The ME academy progresses from year to year, immersing students in more complex and interesting material. I’m so glad I took that first engineering class, it’s led to a great experience,” senior Elaina Plankey said. 

Unsurprisingly, many students at NHS find out classes from older siblings or other students, which means students may not hear of all the available courses. 

“My favorite class is Biotech, and I heard about it through my sisters,” senior Sophie Hodek said. 

It is expected that this event is to continue in the years following, and it will include a tour of classrooms where the electives are offered.