Kimberly-Clark Celebrates 150 years by Donation to NHS STEM Program


Photo by: Kimberly-Clark

Ryan Foucault, Student of Journalism

To celebrate 150 years of corporation, Kimberly-Clark donates $150,000 to Neenah’s Stem program on Oct. 18 in hopes to develop thinkers, problem solvers, innovators and inventors at an early age, according to teacher Mr. Adam Hendries.

The company opened its first mill in Neenah on Oct. 22, 1872. Kimberly-Clark has made as much as $20 billion by making commonly used paper products from toilet paper to hygiene paper products. Numerous families have long records with these companies through generations. In an article from Spectrum News, Mayor Jane Lang said, ”Personally, this has so much meaning for me — with my husband having worked here for 28 years, my dad worked here for his entire career, and just those deep family roots in this company.” 

With this great achievement by Kimberly-Clark, they invited the seniors and juniors from NHS a part of the Engineering Academy to help them celebrate. Students were called up on stage where they received a giant check of $150,000 donated to the progression of the science, technology, engineering, and math departments at NHS.

“This money can help students learn more about these fields at an earlier age, so they can be ready to face any challenges when they graduate,” Mr. Tony White a teacher of STEM said.

Now, the Engineering Academy at NHS has an opportunity for all grade levels to get materials that would not be of access to them previously.

Hendries, a teacher of STEM within the academy, explained the four core classes that  students need to take throughout their four years in school if they want to take part in the academy.  Students start with IED (Introduction to Engineering and Design), POE (Principals of Engineering), DE (Digital Electronics), and CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing).

Overall, this donation could not have been possible without the hardworking staff at Kimberly-Clark facilities across the world. Hendries, White and students are grateful for this generous donation.

When the new Neenah High School is built, one of the wings in the school will be named after Kimberly-Clark.