Video: Rocket News – Week of 2022-11-14


Robert Barthell, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

The Twelfth week of school begins with a recap of the One Act Play, Back Cover, which elicited very emotional reactions from students who went to see it. Drama Club will be performing it at a state competition in Whitewater this weekend.

A day later, Neenah students attended the Phase One game which pit the teachers against the special olympians – ending in a narrow 42-40 victory for the latter which was decided in overtime.

Girls Swim collectively earned 28th place out of 37 at the State Meet, bringing Neenah’s Fall Sports to a close. Winter Sports are getting started with a Girls Basketball Scrimmage Match last Friday, and Boys Basketball+Hockey having scrimmages of their own this week (Girls Basketball is soon having a regular game).

The Fusion Academy is starting their Genius Hour Projects, and for this, one sophomore is running a clothing drive, as well as a pop-up sale during various dates this month.

Students still here in the Summer of ’24 will have the chance to go to Spain+Portugal or Japan if they sign up for the respective informational meetings:
Spain –
Japan –

Musically-inclined individuals can attend Tuesday’s Band Concert at 7:30PM, and vote for 80s songs to be played on that noisy speaker parked in front of the office on Fridays. Temperatures this week will dip below freezing, with some slushies on Tuesday and Wednesday.