Video: Rocket News – Week of December 13, 2022


Robert Barthell, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

The sixteenth week of school opens with information about what the Touch of Class (TOC) string group has been up to lately and information about their upcoming shows. Sports update includes interviews from Wrestling, Boys Basketball and Swimming after all three won their respective events.


The upperclassmen in the journalism class just finished a student guidebook filled with valuable information for all students to know about being a high school student (read on Satellite). Latino Club is hosting a STAR event on the 21st related to the Hispanic holiday of Las Posadas.


Seniors will now be getting release, which will make this reporter’s job harder, and the rest of NHS students are busy figuring out how to make their schedules for next year – a task that may be simplified by multiple upcoming opportunities from the guidance department.


Weather has high temperatures barely above freezing; precipitation expected on multiple days this week but it can’t be said for certain yet whether that’s snow or rain, or maybe slush.