Craze Around the Popular Drink Bubbl’r Explained


Photo by: Sierra Luepke

Only in Wisconsin — NHS students want their drinks ice cold.

Sierra Luepke, Student of Journalism

Walking through the halls of NHS, there is no doubt that you will see a Bubbl’r in the hands of a student or tucked in the side of their backpack. But what has caused this drink to become so popular?  Why does it feel common in Wisconsin?  Although Bubbl’r is sold in many states, Bubbl’r is visible here on the daily.

For many people and students, caffeine is a necessity in order to start the day. Most resort to coffee or tea, but what many do not realize is the start of creating an unhealthy habit. Kuakini Health Organization confirms that “Every day, about 90 percent of Americans consume caffeine in some form.” 

According to My Balance Meals, the most ordered drink at Starbucks is the Vanilla latte which has 170 calories in a 12oz cup of coffee and costs $4.99. When ordering a bigger size or more than once a day it can add up quickly. 

This is why Bubbl’r has made such an impact on caffeine drinkers. They provide a healthier way of getting the boost they need without the calories and at a cheaper price. But what is Bubbl’r?

Bubbl’r is an antioxidant sparkling water that features natural flavors and colors, no artificial sweeteners and naturally sourced caffeine. It is gluten, soy-free and also vegan. In 2017 Klarbrunn created this new line of sparkling water in hope of its benefits against other sparkling waters and caffeinated drinks. Klarbrunn is owned and manufactured by WIS-PAK with its corporate location being right in Watertown, Wisconsin. 

Popularity of this Wisconsin-made drink has boomed because of its differences from other caffeinated drinks. Each can of Bubbl’r no matter what flavor has 5 calories and is 12oz. Bubbl’r even advertises on each can that the natural caffeine is comparable with a cup of coffee. 

Unlike some sparkling waters, Bubbl’r does not leave a bad taste in your mouth or lose flavor when drinking it. It is actually sweeter than most sparkling waters making it unique and different from other brands. Bubbl’r has 10 different flavors and can be sold separately or in a pack of 6 cans. The price for one can at Walmart costs $1.38 and a six-pack is $6.28.

Bubbl’r promotes a healthy lifestyle and shows this in its branding and on its social media. They also include recipes and drinks that can be made from their various Bubbl’r flavors expanding the use of their product to their consumers. 

Rising to the top, Bubbl’r has become a new staple to Wisconsinites and is continuing to expand outside Wisconsin. Bubbl’r is a cheaper, healthier and better option to get the energy and balance you need throughout the day.