Salutes & Slams: Week of March 22


Photo by: Jack Morrissey

Salutes and Slams

Satellite Staff


  • Parker De Deker was selected as one of two delegates representing Wisconsin at the 2023 United States Senate Youth Program in Washington D.C. While there, he presented to President Joe Biden.
  • Allie Ziebell has been named the Gatorade player of the year for girls’ basketball in Wisconsin, after she led her team to a 26-2 overall record this season.
  • Coffee House 2023 was met with massive success and a large turnout, generating 370 dollars in profit.


  •  Construction blocks off traffic patterns in Armstrong, and rerouting delays students between classes.
  •  Brightly painted stairways rebel against the typical red-white NHS color palette, conflicting student opinions on the turquoise and purple now decorating the walls.
  •  Construction and destruction noises disturb students — and promise only to get worse as the lecture pits are prepared to be filled with concrete.