2023-24 Winter Sports Features Solid Teams
Photo by: Ava Yoblonski

2023-’24 Winter Sports Features Solid Teams

Team leaders share season predictions

Many high school students of all grades are participating in a variety of sports this year, typically lasting November-mid to late March. 

Throughout each winter sport,  upperclassmen tend to lead the teams. Each team had a coach and or an upperclassman who was willing to provide a few goals, motivations, and an insight on what they believed their upcoming season would look like. 


Girls’ Basketball- 

Neenah Girls’ Basketball Photo by: Dan Powers

The girls’ basketball team is coming into this season with  high expectations and driven mindsets. The team is returning back with 10 players from last year’s team, eight of which were a part of the sectional finals the past two years. 

“Last year, we won our 1st outright conference title in over 25 years. Contending for another conference title and making a trip to state are big goals for this crew,” head coach Andrew Braunel said. 



The girls’ have a lot to look forward to this season, especially leading up to the FVA conference and sectionals; they have their work cut out for them. The girls’ team has developed a strong chemistry and trust in each other that allows them to stay dialed in and find a way to have fun while they work hard. 


Boys’ Basketball- 

Neenah Boys’ Basketball Courtesy of: Neenah Boys’ Hoops

The boys’ basketball team comes back optimistic and curious as they have many new faces who have not played or experienced the varsity level yet. The coaches and team are excited to see how the team will respond, especially with a packed schedule in December. 

The team shares a common goal to get better as the year progresses but to be their absolute best at the end of the season. 

Our mindset is the same every season. Play hard, play to our strengths, execute in all phases, and compete every night,” head coach Lee Rabas said. 


The team is not results-oriented, but instead process-oriented. The boys play hard and execute in all phases of the game to the best of their ability each night. Each practice and game is a true challenge to see if the boys can get the maximum effort and execution out of themselves. It’s going to be a tough season for the boys as they know they have a lot ahead of them this season, something that only motivates them more to push themselves to the fullest. 


Boys’ Hockey-

Neenah Hockey Team Courtesy of: The NHM Website


The boys’ hockey team comes back this season more experienced and has a better understanding of how the Varsity level will play out. Every boys’ hockey team in the state has a desire to make it to Madison and win the state championship. Even though they share that desire, they focus on where their feet are and focus on being at practice alongside themselves and their teammates. 

If we can push each other to be a little better than yesterday we can enjoy some team accolades like winning a badgerland conference tournament title or a sectional title,” head coach Jeff Lindemann said. 

The coaching staff comes back strong dives straight back into the weeds and coaches the small details that will add up to the bigger things as the season progresses. The team strives to focus its culture on and off of the ice. 

Every season is a fresh start with the Rockets hockey family. The seasons and teams are blank pages in a book, and as a whole, they get to write their story of the season differently each year. This season the team has a chance to write their own story, the way they want to read. The team puts in a lot of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, but if they did not; the story would just be a bunch of words. 



Neenah Wrestling Courtesy of: Neenah Wrestling Website


The wrestling team brings back their season with returning state and sectional qualifiers. The team continues their stride through practices every day perfecting the small things and not getting caught up in the results. 

The team has expanded to 50 motivated individuals, the most athletes the wrestling team has had in nine years. All thriving for different goals. The team does not directly focus on the result, they focus on the process leading up to the big things. 

“Last season I was more focused on the result of my matches or how I did. This year because of football, I found that if you give it your all, the outcomes will follow,” captain and senior Nate Cleveland said. 

The team has a ton of experienced wrestlers and a lot of kids who put in a ton of effort during the offseason to come back harder than ever during the high school season.


Neenah Powerlifting Courtesy of: We are Greenbay

The powerlifting team comes back stronger than ever after coming home with four national titles last season. Aside from focusing on surpassing their accomplishments from last season, the team has expanded to over 100 individual lifters. 

The team focuses on team building and building stronger connections as the season goes on. Each athlete has goals and mindsets of their own but relies on the team family to push themselves to their hardest. 


“Aside from titles and awards, I really want to see our team come together this season and watch all of our upperclassmen mentors take their place as we start up the program again,” mentor and senior Ava Myer said. 

The powerlifting team participates in a program where athletes who have been on the team for at least three years are mentors. Helping young, beginning athletes work their way through the program; and not feel alone. 


Boys’ Swim & Dive- 

Boys’ Swim & Dive Photo by: Dan Powers

The boys’ team comes back stronger and thirsty for revenge with goals of taking the conference and sectional win this year. The team mindset continues to stride in confidence as they plan on coming home with more wins this year. 

I am very excited for this upcoming season, we kept a lot of talent on the team along with a handful of new guys ready to fit right in,” junior Drew Gaerthofner said. 

The team consists of many new faces, but all share a common characteristic: a desire to win. Many rockets strive to leave a legacy behind, something for future Rockets to follow. Motivation among the team spreads as they all share common goals, mindsets, and passion for the sport. 

There are many devoted upperclassmen excited to teach the new incoming team members the way of not only the sport but also the team family. The team spends multiple hours a day in the pool, practicing and preparing for a heavy season ahead of them. 


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