Letter: Teachers Open Schedules to Open Opportunities

Annie Czech, senior

December 13, 2015

Dear Editor: Dreams cannot be achieved all on one’s own without a motivation and a little help from someone who cares. Despite the stereotypical perception of teachers “ruining student’s lives,” the majority have the complete opposite intention to help improve them. The English teachers at NHS h...

Letter: Clean the Cafeteria Tables

Clarissa Tveten, senior

December 13, 2015

Dear Editor: We use the lunch rooms everyday. We use it for studying during tutorial and eating lunch or breakfast. Unfortunately, the the tables are dirty constantly. Complaints and independent cleaning are the result needing a place to sit down and relax. It should not have to be the student’s ...

Letter: Dress Code Letdown

Jadyn Schroepfer, freshman

December 7, 2015

Dear Editor and Administrative Team: Since the beginning of the school year, an abundance of students, specifically girls, have been wearing clothing that are too revealing, which causes mass discomfort or distractions for those around. A significant amount of these girls are often portrayed to...

Letter: Behavior in Parking Lot

Madison Banda, senior

December 7, 2015

Dear Editor: The main parking lot has long been a source of much friction and many headaches. Putting aside the parking space issues, student behavior in the parking lot is a problem that persists no matter what parking requirements exist. Students regularly exhibit inattentive and brash behavior in th...

Letter: Books For the Holidays

Letter: Books For the Holidays

Charley Hrobsky, junior

December 6, 2015

Dear Editor: The hassle of the stores during the holiday season is often a complaint amongst holiday shoppers. Last-minute shoppers, who make up an approximate 23 percent of all shoppers, according to a study done by Epsilon, a global marketing company. Additionally, upon returning home, then they have to...

Letter: Noise pollution harms

January 16, 2015

Dear Editor: As more and more whales are turning up beached, people are beginning to wonder why. Two simple words can sum that right up -- Noise pollution. Usually when people think of pollution the first image that comes to mind is the image of sewage being poured into large bodies of water, massive...

Letter: Animal rescuing during holidays

January 10, 2015

Dear Editor: We are all familiar with the most magical moment on Christmas morning that has been seen on television for decades. The kids run downstairs to find a new little puppy under the tree with a red bow around its neck as a gift from their loving parents. This is a moment that brings warmth t...

Letter: Change standardized testing

December 27, 2014

Dear Editor: Education is slipping in America. Since 2002, The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) has ranked America from 18th in PISA math to 31st with similar scores in science. People argue the cause of this, but one reason in particular stands out, standardized tests. Since the...

Letter: Benefits of extracurriculars

December 27, 2014

Dear Editor: Many benefits of taking part in extracurricular activities in high school exist. Teens will learn to be responsible and use their time to their advantage. These activities also show improvements in grades and social skills. Extracurriculars also look impressive on college applications....

Letter: Anorexia ruins health

December 27, 2014

Dear Editor: Who does not care about the weight and the perfect body shape? People try to do as much sport activities as they can, watch the food they eat, read numerous articles and scroll the websites’ pages through the posts about the right diet and lifestyle. But how to understand when chasing th...

Letter: Part-time jobs teach responsibility and common sense

December 27, 2014

Dear Editor: As it is known, teens all have the expectations to juggle multiple tasks in their high school careers. Some students may have more such as sports, clubs or volunteer work, but many also handle part-time jobs. According to Hours of Work article, teens ages 14 and 15 can work a total of 16...

Letter: Delusions of Internet privacy

December 27, 2014

Dear Editor: The Internet is a great tool when one knows how to best manage it; unfortunately, many people do not. To these people, the Internet is an open world, a playground that they can explore in complete anonymity - and they think this with good reason. After all, a fairly well-known quote on ...

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