Staff Editorial: Class Registration Made Easy With Favorite Choices


Photo by: Charley Hrobsky

Satellite Staff narrowed down their favorite classes.

Registering for classes can be a stressful event for many students without older siblings or friends to guide them to the best classes. On Thurs., Dec. 15, students and staff will breeze through a shortened schedule in order to end the day with Chad Buboltz, assistant principal, guiding them via a pre-made video on how to register for classes and which classes must be taken before graduation. The staff of Satellite comes to together to give all students guidance in choosing the best classes at NHS.

Creative Writing (Charley)

I took Creative Writing with Mrs. Drake as a sophomore and loved it. She recommended the one-semester course for me after freshman year to help further improve my writing. Every variety of students attended the class from hunters, swimmers, volleyball players, musicians, etc. The class is laid back and gives students plenty of in-class time to work on the writing assignments before turning them in. While taking the class was fun all on its own, it also helped with my academic writing in my regular English classes. I recommend this for sophomores on up, and, as a senior, it does count for the Composition graduation requirement.

Introduction to Education as a Career (Charley)

Introduction to Education as a Career, taught by Mrs. Rockweit, is an optional Advanced Standing course at UW-Oshkosh for two elective credits. Throughout the class students are given a variety of ways to show their knowledge of the topics through teaching the class, discussions, and projects. On Tuesdays and Thursdays students observe teachers and students in another classroom on either the elementary, middle, or high school level. On Fridays, students have a discussion circle about experiences in the classroom from the past week. The class has minimal work, and what work students are given to do is a lot of fun and informative.

Composition for Journalistic Publication (Charley)

Composition for Journalistic Publication is formerly known as simply Journalism class. Satellite’s adviser, Mrs. Plankey, wonderfully teaches about the world of journalism along. Students eventually become published journalists on Seniors can take the class to complete their Composition 12 graduation requirement, but the class does not feel like a requirement while taking it. Mrs. Plankey continually develops and adds new ideas each year. The variety of assessments allow students to show their creativity and personality. I definitely recommend this class to make their senior year fun and full of laughs.

World Languages (Emily)
NHS offers French, Spanish, as well as Chinese classes. Within those classes, students broaden their reading, composition and comprehension skills for both languages foreign and native to them. Vocabulary, grammar and culture (history, cuisine, art, etc) lessons allow students to learn the language and recognize the differences between America and other countries. Personally, I have gone the French route. French has helped me do obvious things, such as recognize parts of speech and acknowledge unique walks of life. However, the encouraging and empowering classes taught by phenomenal “Madames” have allowed me to come out of my shell and truly consider my French classmates extended family members.

Ceramics 1 (Emily)

Have you ever wanted to get your hands on a pottery wheel? Have you ever wanted to paint for an entire mod? Ceramics 1 and 2 are for you. I took Ceramics 1 freshman year after taking Middle Art Foundations at Shattuck. Art Foundations (Intro to 3 Dimensional Design) is the only prerequisite necessary to experience a relaxing, creative environment. No matter your level of artistic energy, you will be able to come home with ceramic pieces you can be proud of by the end of the semester.

Sociology (Marissa Hart) 

Sociology offers deep thinking, emotional, and human appeal. In Sociology students broaden their understanding of who they are and why they communicate and interact with the society around them. Students will learn about religion, government, family and education. Also, students will learn how our American society works compared to other cultures. Taking this class has made me understand more of who I am and why I think and interact the way I do. Sociology is one of those social science classes that goes great with Human Relations and Psychology. The class is my personal favorite because it encourages students stand up for their opinion, share their beliefs and open the minds of other curious thinkers. If you like learning why you think the way you do, interacting in society, and forming relationships, then Sociology is the class for you!

Speech/Advanced English 10: (Jaden)

In my freshman year of high school, I enrolled in an advanced tier of classes for sophomores. I distinctly remember my first day of Speech class. I walked in to see an unbelievable arrangement of desks, slightly resembling proscenium stage of sorts. I was seated next to the most wild boy, of whom would later become one of my best friends. Beyond the outstanding curriculum, amazing classmates, and my passion for the subject, I believe that my teacher really made the class a favorite. Mrs. Plankey seemed to instantly connect with me, and her encouragement pushed me to work hard in her class. If you are a complete extrovert, like myself, you will love this class.

The Advanced English 10 curriculum was not exactly a bore, but it was not quite as exciting as my Speech class. The projects that were offered to further apply my knowledge were creative and enticing. Yet again, the teacher was what really made me enjoy the class. Mr. Funk, like Mrs. Plankey, is one of those “hard to find” teachers. He will go out of his way to make a connection with each of his students, and strives to enrich learning through every outlet. He allowed us to make posters of scenes in our Mythology unit (I stapled a piece of lettuce to mine as a substitute for wings) and had us act out each of the lines in plays we analyzed. Thus, the curriculum became incredibly interesting, and it would almost be impossible to fall asleep in his class.

Advanced Algebra 2: (Jaden)

I enjoyed this class because, naturally, I love math. Algebra in particular. My teacher was Mr. Bartlett, who no longer teaches at NHS. I loved the curriculum of the class, and my teacher too. I would place lettuce cores on his desk as a routine joke, and he would hardly beat an eye. My sister was in my class, too, which always allowed for an interesting class.

Chem-Study: (Jaden)

Though I am hardly into my first semester of Chem-Study, I can already tell that I am going to love it. I really enjoy chemistry, and my teacher, Mrs. Dorner, teaches it like no other. She is indescribably charismatic, and passionate on the subject. If you enjoy a mix of math and science, this is the class for you.

Chorale/Any choir: (Montanna)

I have been in choirs from the first moment I have been able to. I took choir in all three years of middle school, and even joined an outside-of-school choir. Needless to say, I have always loved singing. However, none of these choirs never felt very advanced or organized. Middle school choir was always disorganized and full of kids who wanted to sing like Brittany Spears. And because of how many students there were, the teacher could never work individually on these students. Therefore, the choirs were never really that… well, great. Now, however, I am enjoying choir more than ever. Mrs. Westcott holds a tight grasp on all of the students and does not tolerate disruptions for a second. She will really dig into each and every song and push us to sing with mature voices. As my first mod class, I start my day on a great foot. There is nothing more satisfying than making beautiful music with others with only your mouths. I urge anyone who likes to sing to sign up for choir. You will not regret it!

(Dittoing Jaden with Advanced Algebra 2. I’m a math lover, and Mrs. Voelker is a great teacher!)

Robotics (Josh)

Next year is the first year that NHS will offer a robotics class. This class will be taught by Mr. Hendries who well qualified, as he is both the VEX mentor and the principals of engineering teacher. This class is only one semester, so it has low commitment, perfect for anyone who may be on the edge about joining the engineering academy, or taking additional engineering courses. It is also bound to be a fun class with a flexible curriculum.

Tell others about your favorite classes and why they should take them in the comments!