Local Christmas Light Hot Spots Featured


Often holiday light displays are so bright that they light up the night and offer a feeling of merrymaking to viewers of all ages.

Christmas time is here as evidenced in the festivities underway, and to many a means of celebration is to decorate their houses. Often holiday light displays are so bright that they light up the night and offer a feeling of merrymaking to viewers of all ages.

Go Valley Kids.com features the local must see holiday displays.  For specifics see: http://govalleykids.com/holiday_light_displays/.  It features a comprehensive list of 2016 addresses and local hot spots.

To get smarter before venturing out on the town, realize that before 1882, people relied on wax candles for light, decoration and celebration. Clearly, a dangerous method because fire can burn Christmas trees. But Edward Hibberd Johnson displayed his Christmas magic and introduced the electric christmas lights we see today.

Many use the string-a-long lights, which are on almost every decorated house and christmas tree often lining the rooftops. Currently, these long strings of lights are made with LED lights easily capable of being powered with not as much cost.

Then there are Christmas ornamentation, which includes:  the lawn ornaments ranging from jolly Santa Claus, to snowmen, to the Polar Express. These pieces of Christmas fit together nicely to expose a jolly theme of holiday cheer.

The Star Shower motion lights have been getting increasingly popular and more and more common. They project light onto the building/landscape and move these lights in a what looks like exploding green and red rubix cubes. They add a nice amount of excitement to the traditional Christmas display.

Many other light producing objects feature a line of “tree tents” and the Christmas wall mounts are on display finishing the holiday exterior.

Making a Christmas light display requires power, careful planning, and trial and error. No one should put a power cord in harm’s way and risk busting a light show. Unfortunately, a problem can arise in a few displays.

Many residences use inflatables to decorate their lawn, but they are susceptible to popping or slouching. There are grinches who do not abide by Christmas spirit and slash the poor defenseless balloons.

To ensure a quality light display for neighbors, make sure the Christmas lights and ornaments are free from potential damage and risk of injury.