Look into the Life: Leader of Rocket News


Seth Geiger and Ethan Krueger

Within the high school and his community, Wyatt Lesser, class of 2020, is seen participating in numerous unique activities all over the town. The confident, social butterfly is seen as a roll up his sleeves, hard worker by many of his peers and advisers. Specifically, his role in the production of Rocket News illustrates his work ethic.

Dropping every Tuesday morning, 2,000 sleepy students are given the privilege of watching the hysterical Rocket News coverage. Rocket News has been up and running for a few years now after its first Debut in 2016 starring anchors Matthew Breen and Collin Haese. Then progressing to Ben Stern and Mindara Krueger-Olson as anchors and Will Clark as scriptwriter and producer the following year, according to articles published in the Satellite

In the past, Lesser incorporated himself in the Rocket News family long before his senior year. He edited and made visuals for Rocket News in his sophomore and junior year. He also stepped in as anchor in a couple of episodes proving his importance. 

Rocket News may be one of his best accomplishments, but for Lesser, it definitely is not his only. He is on the debate team, serves as a LAUNCH leader, holds an engineering internship at Plexus and is also a member of the National Honor Society. 

Lesser looks forward to his future as he plans to attend the University of Madison to get his degree in chemical engineering. Ranked 10th in the nation, according to U.S. News, Lesser believes Madison is the best fit for him. 

Many believe that he is the mastermind behind the success of the school newscast; Lesser, however, explains his humble role in the process. 

“I actually haven’t been doing that much in making it. Instead, I focused more on putting people in a position to succeed.” 

This year he has taken a backseat in the Rocket News process to encourage collaboration. Lesser’s idea for a large crew of anchors has been successful and entertaining for everyone involved. He explains how the use of the same two anchors in front of a screen each week can be dull. 

Currently, Lesser mainly focuses on helping his peers brainstorm and train Charlie Mitchell to take the reigns next year. Lesser shares how the Rocket News has a group-chat where they share most of their ideas. With a diverse group, they are able to come up with creative and ambitious skits. 

Lesser’s time with the Rocket News has taught him many lessons in life. Perhaps the most important is learning how everyone has their own unique skills. He says he hopes that he can impact the future of Rocket News by laying the building blocks for students to think outside the box.