Salutes and Slam: Week of Dec. 4

Salutes and Slam: Week of Dec. 4

Satellite Staff


  • The changed AACP schedule breakdown allows extra time for students to participate in remediation and enrichment activities.
  • The Thanksgiving break relieved stress and provided an enjoyable rest for students and staff.
  • NHS music groups displayed an exceptional performance in Opener on Nov. 26.
  • Administrators reopen upperclassmen applications for AACP release.


  • The limited amount of school days left before winter break leaves some students scrambling to complete coursework.
  • Unfortunate threats to school security produce the need for an inconvenient rule that allows only one person to use a hall pass in classes at a time.
  • The roof repairs and poor ventilation system led to an unpleasant burning tar smell in upstairs Armstrong.
  • The desicion to implement digital learning days on every cancelled school day erases the nostalgia of snow days for many.