The Dad of the Students

History teacher’s jokes never go out of date
The Dad of the Students

“What’s two words you should never say in an airport? Hi-Jack.”

This is the most recent dad joke from Kert Dietrich, a U.S. history teacher who fully embraces his dad-teacher role.

Dietrich always starts class with a joke — sometimes they make the class laugh — other times the class shudders from the unbearable cringe.

Admittedly, his most recent trend features jokes about bears, and it’s always a highlight of his day to witness the students’ reactions to his puns.

Dietrich keeps his dad-teacher title not only with a fun class and jokes but in application of how he treats his students.

To him, every student deserves the same attention as his own kids. He is always willing to help students, whether they’re his kids or someone else’s.

Dietrich is the metaphorical dad of the students — always willing to help and cheering up his students with his jokes.

He has his own kids, two of which he has had in his own class.

His own kids circulate within the district for the last few years, but this is coming to a close as his oldest kid will graduate this year.

Will his dad’s energy fade now that he won’t have his kids in school?

Simple answer: no.

“I’ve been that guy for 28 years, so no; I’m not gonna change.”

He has no intention of changing his tactics. The dad of the students will not go away after his own kids graduate, which is a relief, to all who favor family flair with a classroom.

As the purveyor of some of the finest dad jokes, he is always willing to help students in need. He doesn’t care if his jokes make students groan, or if students don’t want his help.

He is a dad at home and a champion in the classroom.

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    Ava YoblonskiNov 15, 2023 at 4:00 PM

    I love your humor in this story Jack!