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Top Fashion Trends of 2023

Photo by: Image sourced by: Vogue

As 2023 draws to a close, the resurgence of streetwear rejuvenates the fashion landscape. 2023 has proven longevity and creativity of brilliant minds throughout the year.

Here is the ranking of the top five fashion trends of 2023.


Maximalist Extravaganza


2023 embraces the wacky weirdo proportions. Vibrant colors, bold prints and eclectic combinations lit the streetwear fashion sense into an uproar. These out-of-the-world ideas from huge and small designers allowed individuals to express themselves. From patterns that mess with one’s eyes, to the loudness of overly sized accessories they have made everyone fit differently. Turning heads as maximalists walk past people.


Revival of the Decades


Proving to be timeless, the fashion scene dreamt of returning to the ’80s and ‘90s and Y2K. The term vintage is the only way to describe this aesthetic — the lure of vintage jerseys, neon colors and thrift graphic clothes. The nostalgia of the past allows fashion to continue to flourish in the present. 


Gender-Fluid Fashion


At the turn of the century, fashion was one of the most prospective pioneering industries ahead of this time. The next generation will be thankful for this trend, gender-fluid. Designer breaking traditional societal norms. Unisex clothing platforms de-characterize many fashion enjoyers. Gender-fluid fashion includes more people in the ability to dress how they feel fit. 


Utility Wear


Utility wear broke through the the hearts and minds of people becoming mainstream, with brands such as Carhartt, Keen, and Wrangler becoming more popular within everyday use. Carhartt and Wrangler are the most seen with much relaxed clothing allowing comfort any time of the day.


Oversized Clothing


While closely related to the maximalist extravaganza, this trend sets itself apart. Large and baggy clothing is nothing new to the world of fashion. The largest shoe, clothing, utility and tech brands boarded this bandwagon in 2023. Pants fold over themselves at the soles of their shoes, no problem. Figuratively drowning in an oversized puffer jack is completely acceptable. Oversized clothing finds itself in every trend throughout the year. The mix between style and comfort is simply untenable in every trend;  oversized clothing managed to do both. 


2023 proved to be the year of the people within fashion, allowing individuals to participate no matter social or economic background making it a stable year with the social landscape changing. Small creators/designers finally were able to make it into mainstream fashion. 

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