Letter to the Editor: NHS WiFi Lacks Access

Letter to the Editor:  NHS WiFi Lacks Access

December 26, 2017

Dear Editor: Here at NHS six WiFi networks exist with only one of them being a public network for students.  One should be fine; unfortunately, it blocks the majority of all the apps we like to use such as Snapchat and Instagram.  Basically, what seems to be going on is we are getting WiFi shown to...

Letter to the Editor: Questioning the Mental Health of Future Generations

Student mural in the library that picture students of the past and the future

December 26, 2017

Dear Editor: NHS is looking to implement the standards-based grading in the coming years. Many classes already have started with this implementation. It is a common belief that this new grading scale is inspiring perfection and not learning. Many students are told from the beginning of their schoo...

Letter to Editor: Giving Back in Our Community

Donating is become more and more accessible to the public due to the Salvation Army

Kassidy Schmidt, Student of Journalism

December 19, 2017

Dear Editor:  We have finally come upon the holiday season, which means gifts, travel, and plenty of food. Our biggest worry is making sure our friends and family are traveling safely and providing everyone with a gift for their exchanges. But what if our worries went deeper than the surface? What ...

American Studies Collection of Letters to the Editor: Terrorism

American Studies Collection of Letters to the Editor:  Terrorism

October 17, 2017

American Studies students were asked to write a letter, this letter would be sent to a government official on the topic of terrorism. The letter would explain the causes and effects of the War on Terror as well as stating the problem and solution. Relevant evidence was to be used while writing both c...

Letter To The Editor: Benefits of a Foul Tongue

Cody Wienandt, Student of Journalism

January 10, 2017

Dear Editor: No matter its label -- obscenity to nasty words -- cursing is viewed negatively and is said to not belong in school.  Is this old school thinking still appropriate in today's modern schools? Cursing is a simple vibration producing a sound, which may offend. Often this is viewed as disrespectful...

Letter to the Editor: The Reality of Being an Exchange Student

Barbara Simon, Student of Journalism

January 6, 2017

Dear Editor: Being an exchange student in a different country can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a person's life. During a year abroad there is so much to be gained, such as experiencing a new culture, learning how to be responsible for our choices and so on. International studies, like...

Letter to Editor: Lengthen School Lunches

Joe Delaney, Student of Journalism

December 29, 2016

Dear Editor:   Most of us can agree that school lunches are less than delectable. Many upperclassmen also feel the pinch when running out to get food and running back trying to beat the bell. Neenah does have a relatively short lunch when compared with other schools in our area. We have no passin...

Letter to the Editor: Erosion of Trust

Brexton Bostwick, Student of Journalism

December 29, 2016

Dear Editor:   The NHS administration has made drastic changes on how this school operates. Four years ago when I was a freshman, NHS was a free place -- a place many enjoyed being.  Juniors and seniors could go anywhere in the school they wanted. You could eat where you wanted, and the doors were...

Letter to Editor: More Water Filling Stations

Emily Smock, Student of Journalism

December 29, 2016

Dear Editor: According to the Container Recycling Institute (CRI), 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away every day. Of these bottles, 80% will end up in a landfill according to or littered around the outdoors, and what little is left will be melted and made into different p...

Letter to Editor: Prom Venue Matters

Arianna Robles, Student of Journalism

December 29, 2016

Dear Editor:   Prom is supposed to be a sensational day – a day of creating memories! Some spend all day and some even months preparing for the big day. That is why this special event should never be held in a school cafeteria where Friday’s lunch Jell-O is still stuck to the floor. “Prom...

Letter to the Editor: Students Need Sleep

BaJie Vang, Student of Journalism

December 28, 2016

Dear Editor:       Sleep is a constant cycle, which occurs every 90 minutes as we fall into REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep. This constant alternating cycle is an important way to rejuvenate and keep the body healthy. At least eight hours of sleep is recom...

Letter to Editor: Texting and Driving

Kyle Jahnke, Student of Journalism

December 28, 2016

Dear Editor: Texting and driving has been the cause of many accidents and deaths around the world. Each year about 1, 300,000 people are killed because of road accidents that is over 3,000 people every day dying in road accidents, according to a recent article "Texting and Driving Statistics.” With...

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