Mini-torials – Week of Sept. 9


  • The staff of Satellite appreciate Mrs. Plankey’s hard work and generosity as a teacher and adviser.
  • Many freshmen felt welcomed at NHS during the first week of school.
  • Satellite bulletin board offers a sneak peek at the newspaper website and gift card raffle.
  • Chromebook distribution turned out to be more efficient than last year.
  • Many students appreciate their Chromebooks and the accessibility it provides.
  • The newly-revised hat policy has been well-received by students and teachers.
  • Some students feel like teachers really want them to succeed.


  • Wi-Fi problems render many Chromebooks somewhat useless.
  • Not all students find the cafeteria food enjoyable.
  • Students and teachers have found the cafeteria tables unusable due to leftover food and litter.
  • Some students have reported other cars being parked in their parking spots.
  • The parking lot is hectic and congested before and after school.
  • Students walking in the crosswalk have felt unsafe due to drivers not yielding to them.
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