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Real Life Mean Girls

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Walking down halls

might be fun for you

among the eyes of peers

who all want pieced of you,

but what happens when

you have no more pieces?

For others we want

the cloak of invisibility

to glide by the times

and fly out of the prison

that strangles our personality.


You strut the stuff

that doesn’t even exist

because you are society skinny.

You’ve got the “perfect”

tan that travels

everywhere you go

even into the dead of winter.

However, here I am

a floating ghost,

Casper white,

too voluptuous

to be society chosen.

While you shout at friends

and toss your pieces of heart

into trash cans,

you litter the floors

with pieces of yourself

that no one wants

the piece that sets you apart,

your personality.

Here I am

crawling on the floors

pounding my fists on the cement

screaming Skillet lyrics

Yes! I am

sick of it!

I guard my heart

like a dog

and his favorite bone

unlike yours that sits

in the trash cans.

But I just want

to let you know,

when you fall

and all your friends

have left you

laying on the cold ground

cuz you wore sweats

on Monday.

I’ll be there

picking up your tears

piecing together

the puzzle of you.

Your heart is yours

and here are the pieces.

Grasp the hand

that forgives

because that’s just who

I am.

Dear girl,

it’s okay to be a human.


an everyday human


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Real Life Mean Girls