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The student news site of Neenah High School


My Honest Poem

Original template and poem by Rudy Francisco
Visual by Marissa Derouso

My Honest Poem

I was born on January 29th.

I hear that makes me an Aquarius.

I am 5’6, 183 pounds, mentally and physically unhealthy,

And I am a sucker for a man whom I enjoy talking to but don’t see often.


I’m still learning how to talk to people with confidence.

I’m often quiet, isolated from the world.

I’m often off doing my own thing.

I like pepperoni pizza… a lot.


I’ve been told that I should talk more.

People say that I’m reticent.

People say that I should learn how to speak up.

Secretly, I have a fear of interrupting something important.


I have this odd fascination with cute things and bright colors.

I assume it’s because I’ve never considered myself as “cute” or “good-looking”.

I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve struggled with it for a while.

And to be honest, I have no idea how to help it.


I know this sounds weird, but sometimes I wonder how pretty girls are all naturally gorgeous.

I wonder if they’ve done something they won’t share.

I’m afraid that I won’t have peace with myself being this way.


Hi, my name is Marissa.

I enjoy painting my nails and making outfits.

But I don’t allow myself to express myself any more than I do now.

I have closeted social skills.

I have a full range of outfits and accessories.


My hobbies are writing, singing, drawing, and lifting weights.

I don’t know how to do my own makeup, but I do know how to make myself presentable.

I know that no one is perfect.

I know that I am perfect for me.


To check out the original version of this poem, a spoken-word poem written by Rudy Francisco, you can go to this YouTube link right here.

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