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This Lullaby

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Sleep now


whisk away

from scraped knees

bee stings that linger

words of stones

and sticks that cackle at you.


sit high and proud

in the willow tree

sway along the breezes

hear the creaks

feel the cracks

that show the shimmering soul

open your eyes

those tears are unnecessary

snuggled in the arms

of the grandmother tree

climb on down

and visit awhile

in the land of the dreaming

your deepest desires

are as sure as the sun

setting in the western wilds

yet make you feel

what you’ve never felt before

in dreams and life alike.

Slip on the dewy grass

of past reveries

fall into its bed of daisies

playing movies of future dreams

splash through the streams

left behind drops

shine like stars

among the murky midnight sky

on your wiggly toes

and when you’re ready

come on back

to where all your dreams began

where you’ve caressed the future

and cried from the past

where the present escapes

mind’s fingertips

gliding like wind through leaves.

Climb on up

the willow tree,

the grandmother tree,

snuggle again

right on in tight

until the bark

leaves love marks.

I promise you’ll wake

in the arms of me

you’ll be awake

just as the sun rises

and peeks at your face

with rosy cheeks

and sleep ridden eyes

fresh to meet the enemies

standing outside your door

but Darling, I’ll be here

and Darling, just stay here

one second more.

And Darling,

this I promise you:

this is your lullaby.

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This Lullaby