Letter From the Editor: A Last Goodbye to NHS

As the year comes to a close and the stress finally subsides, I have had some time to reflect on my four years at NHS.

I am eternally grateful to the dedicated and caring staff who have advised and guided me throughout high school. My teachers have been the driving force behind me and have always encouraged and inspired me. My guidance counselor has always been so helpful and patient with my constant schedule changes and college advice. I look back at my time at NHS and several teachers stand out to me. First, I cannot thank Madame Meilhon, my French teacher of five years, enough for all she has done for me. I was so lucky to have her as my teacher since eighth grade and she definitely has helped me become the person I am today, between learning French, guiding me through an incredible trip to France and being a mentor. Second, I would like to thank Mrs. Jennifer Heidl-Knobloch (Mrs. HK) for being a supportive instructor who helped me improve my writing skills as well as help me be admitted to college! Last, but not least, is my fearless Speech, Journalism and newspaper adviser, Mrs. Beth Plankey. Mrs. Plankey has done so much for me that I could go on forever saying thank you’s. Most importantly, thank you for cultivating my love of journalism, as I have chosen to major in it in college. All of my teachers, especially these three, will stay with me my entire life and their lessons will echo in my mind.

I would also like to thank my wonderful Satellite staff for their dedication, positive attitudes and hard work this year. Without them, this newspaper would be nothing. I am so proud of everything we accomplished together this year, including winning multiple awards at NEWSPA and breathing new life into our online paper. Students from each grade came together every week to contribute ideas and stories. Together, we learned, grew and laughed. I am so excited to see what this staff has in store for the future. Charley Hrobsky will be Editor-in-Chief for the 2016-2017 school year, and I know she will take her talents and lead a successful, vibrant paper.

My one piece of advice to all students would be to just get involved! Join new clubs and take interesting classes and audition for the plays or try out for a team. There are so many extraordinary opportunities at NHS.

I look forward to graduating and beginning a new chapter of my life, but I will always have a piece of me in Neenah and at NHS. These four years were incredibly challenging but truly rewarding. I am sincere when I say I would not have wanted to go to high school anywhere else.

Thank you, NHS.