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From Chioggia to Cheese: One Italian’s Journey

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Only some are lucky enough to be able to witness cultures unique from their own.

Stefania Lazzaretto, a senior, is one of those fortunate few. While living on the island of Chioggia in Italy, she decided to become a foreign exchange student. Since arriving in Wisconsin in August, the Seager family has hosted Lazzaretto and will for the remainder of the school year.

Lazzaretto says that her favorite memory as a Wisconsinite is visiting Wisconsin Dells with her host family, though is fond of many other things as well. Examples include going to football games and hanging out with her new friends, particularly at the homecoming dance (her preferred music to listen to is pop) and parade. She adds that she loves New York City after a recent trip, despite the chilly weather which caused her to bundle up.

Lazzaretto mentions that she is involved in an array of extracurriculars. The Satellite, AFS Club, Yoga Club and Drama Club are all organizations in which she spends time. She explains that she is fond of writing after mentioning the Satellite.

“I know English and Italian. I can also translate written Latin and Ancient Greek,” she says humbly.

Lazzaretto says that NHS differs from her Italian school, as the students here are more amicable, sports are a bigger deal and there are a surplus of clubs and activities that do not exist in Italy. The biggest contrast between America and Italy, Lazzaretto points out, are the gigantic portions of food dished out in homes and restaurants across the United States.

Lazzaretto says that her favorite meal is composed of Italian-style pizza and lemon-lime soda — no greasy fast-food for her.


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One Response to “From Chioggia to Cheese: One Italian’s Journey”

  1. Cassidy Kemppainen on March 6th, 2017 1:32 PM

    I think Stefania is brave like a lion to leave her family and come all the way to the United States. Although she can speak the language, it was probably still a intimating experience, one that I’m not sure I would be able to do in high school.


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From Chioggia to Cheese: One Italian’s Journey