Please Tell Society

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Please tell society

I love my body

If given a chance to trade

I’d say why betray?

The one who’s fought to heal my cuts

To take in oxygen and release thoughts

Of dreams and hopes where I see myself

But only there does my body dwell

Please tell society

I love my ethnicity

Proud to walk on this grass

I exude what I have learned

I soak in the mannerisms in this air

Say hello to proud and grateful me

The past the present

I will share because I care

Please tell society

I love being me

To be born different

Is only the hidden normality

When faced with difficulties

We seek similarities

So perhaps it is not I that needs to love more

But the mirror to society facing the door

What is society

In this tangled web of events

Isn’t it part me?

Isn’t is part you?

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