Letter from the Editor: Sweet Memories, Bright Futures and Everything In Between


Photo by: Abi Wise

Ashlyn Jacobs, Editor in Chief

Math class taught us that an infinity of numbers fills the gap between any two values. In English class, we learned that the most realistic, meaningful characters were the ones that changed and grew. 

Science helped us understand that every action has a consequence; every change to our environment, a reaction; and every threat, a strategy for survival. 

Each of these lessons affirm something we have spent the last 12 years learning: change makes us who we are, and the class of 2022 has experienced our fair share of change. 

We have walked together through three different schedules, a new grading system, a cyberattack, and a pandemic. We have attended classes, games, dances, performances, and celebrations together. We have made friends, lost friends, welcomed new people, and said farewell to others. 

We have grown, changed and lived as Neenah Rockets for the last 12 years, and now we prepare to step into the next years with these memories behind us. 

 In my opening letter from the beginning of my three years as Editor-in-Chief, I emphasized how powerful our high school journey is in shaping our character. In this year’s opening letter, I urged everyone to keep themselves open to wherever that journey may take them. 

My stance remains. Through these last few transformational years, the days sometimes felt insignificant: like life was confined to the gray space in between the past and the future. Yet upon reflection, we have come so far from where we once were. And we have so much left to learn. 

Nothing short of incredible resilience — and the encouragement of our community — has driven us to this milestone. So as we take small moments to reflect, I hope we can do so with gratitude for everyone who supported us along the way and recognition for our accomplishments. 

I could not in good conscience say goodbye without thanking my friends, family, and mentors. I carry gratitude for Mr. Funk, Mrs. Severson, Mr. Thiede, and many other teachers for the way they support students like me. 

Additionally, Mrs. Plankey, the best journalism adviser a student could have, deserves a world of applause for her direction and unfailing confidence in those she leads.

We can all learn from these role models, and from each other, that the best changes someone can make in life are the ones that benefit others. This is my message to the class of 2022, and those that follow, as we cross over from one season into the next. 

While this time can feel like freefall, we can look back to our lessons from these last years for encouragement: 

In science, this is the catalyst for our next reaction. 

In literature, this is only the middle of our character arc. 

In mathematics, this is the infinity of possibilities in between the last number and the next. 

We are in between our most cherished memories and our brightest dreams for the future. Let’s make the most of this moment and all the ones that follow. 


Ashlyn N. Jacobs