Who’s that lady?

Cathy, the nice lunch lady
Cathy smiles as she interacts with students.
Cathy smiles as she interacts with students.
Photo by: Morgan Grosek

Robotically, students follow students through the line. They progress through the line until it is time to see the nice lunch lady who waits to see the students she loves.

Every day she comes to school with a never-ending smile that everyone notices as they advance toward her.

Cathy is passionate about kids. She knew as a young adult she wants 12 kids. Later, she finds out she and her husband cannot have kids, and they feel devastated. She worries that no kids means she can’t live her dream of being a mom.

They turn that frown upside down after problem solving and strategizing.  The couple plans to adopt two kids.

For her, being a mom means everything. It’s like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Her being able to adopt helps her love kids more than she did before.

When seeing the job opening for a NHS lunch lady, she knew the opportunity isn’t one to pass up.

After working in the medical field for 22 years, she’s retiring and doing something else with her life. She’s so happy when seeing the lunch lady’s needed sign. She’s always so excited to be a part of kids’ lives and loves her job, but summer can be hard for her.

“When I’m gone for the summer it’s like oh my goodness, I’m lost. I miss the kids so much.”

Afterward, she’s so happy to come back to school and enjoy more days with the kids!

Not a day goes by without a smile shining on her face.

Not a day goes by without students seeing her in the lunch line.

Not a day goes by without the students smiling back.

Not a day goes by without her feeling so happy to be part of the kids’ lives as they move through her line.



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